Blackrock A.C. Membership Registration for 2022 is Now Open

Blackrock A.C. Membership Registration for 2022 is Now Open

We are pleased to announce that Blackrock A.C. membership registration for 2022 is now open. You are kindly requested to complete registration as soon as possible or before returning to training in January.

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Is There a Waiting List?

There is currently a waiting list for children up to the age of 13. Membership is open to those aged 14+ and we encourage competitive as well as fun runners to get involved.

Blackrock A.C. Membership for Junior and Juveniles

Please register/renew by Sunday 02 January 2022 so that:

  • We have a good handle on numbers training for the coming year
  • Relieve some of the administrative burdens for our volunteers and ensure we have sufficient coaches and volunteers to cover
  • Any unreserved slots will be offered to those on the waiting list

Blackrock A.C. Junior Section exercise

If you are not renewing can you please let the head coach know or email: and remember to switch off your Clubforce notifications, through your Clubforce account. If you need assistance, please contact us at Thank you!

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Blackrock A.C. Child Safeguarding Policy

The Parents/Guardians and Young Athletes will, upon registration with Blackrock Athletic Club and renewal of their membership annually, undertake to abide by and support Blackrock Athletic Club’s Child Safeguarding Policy and in doing so agree to abide by the:

  • Code of Conduct for Children & Young Athletes
  • The Code of Conduct for Parents/Guardians
  • The Juvenile Club Rules

We would particularly like to draw your attention to the:

  • Film & Photography Policy and Guidelines
  • Communication & Online safety Policy
  • Code of Conduct for Officials
  • Coaches and Volunteers
  • Anti-Bullying Policy

All of these policies can be found on Blackrock A.C. Policies & Procedures page and we encourage you to read them carefully.

Medical Information

Please detail in writing to Blackrock A.C. by email and directly to your child’s coach any important medical information that our coaches/junior coaches should be aware of, e.g., epilepsy, asthma, diabetes, heart conditions, allergies, etc.

It is essential for your child’s safety that coaches are fully aware and have been informed of your child’s medical conditions and it is your responsibility to do so. Coaches change so you must ensure your child’s coaches have been informed.

This must be done as well as completing the medical consent section on Clubforce App.

Additional Support

Please also detail any additional needs your child may have and/or any additional support he/she may require from our club coaches. Please also provide other information on other issues that could affect your child’s performance e.g. previous injuries, dyspraxia, etc.

Blackrock A.C. Membership for Adults

Blackrock A.C. membership for adults is split between Fit4Life, Men and Women’s sections. Your membership gives you access to all and is open to those aged 18+.

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