Athletics Ireland System Guide for Renewing Membership 2023

Athletics Ireland System Guide for Renewing Membership 2023

Blackrock A.C. membership is now managed through Athletics Ireland. As part of this process, Athletics Ireland use Eventmaster to manage the point of sale for each registration (purchase). For the most part, it has been running smoothly but as with any new system, we are still working certain things out. Below is a guide on the registration process and what you can do to help make it more efficient for our volunteers.

Please take special care to ensure you use the same email you are registered to Athletics Ireland for Eventmaster, noting you may have a separate account for event tickets you bought previously with Eventmaster.

Renewal Email Comes from Athletics Ireland via Eventmaster

Renewal emails come from They are legitimate and here is a sample of the one sent yesterday, 3 January 2023 at 17:48. The sample below is one of a family membership which we cover in this article. Please note, in conjunction with Athletics Ireland, we will be working on a better interface for the email notifications which go out via Athletics Ireland and Eventmaster.

Use Membership Renewal Option – Not New Membership Application

Once you click the renewal link in the email you will be brought to the main login page. Please select Membership Renewal as highlighted below. 

Note that if you have a friend who would like to join as new, they may do so via new membership application on Athletics Ireland’s website. However, please note instructions below for adding new family members.


Adding New Family Members

If adding a new member as part of a family application, we kindly request at this time you do not use Athletics Ireland directly, but rather apply via Blackrock A.C. Google Form

We are still working on new membership functionality on Athletics Ireland so for now, we will add new family members manually via this form. If you are a current member wishing to add a family, member please also use this form. The form is labelled Blackrock A.C. Membership Issues and adding new family members to a renewal process will cause delays.

In some cases, members who were previously registered as families have registered as individuals. If you can let us know via the above form we will be in touch to rectify this.

We appreciate your understanding on the matter.

Use Your Correct Athletics Ireland Email Address

With Athletics Ireland and many other systems, your email address is your unique identifier. This is linked to your club membership as well as your Athletics Ireland number. Please be mindful and ensure you use your correct email which you have registered with Blackrock A.C. previously (this is the email address which the renewal notification would have been sent to). 

Renew – Do Not Register a New Member

Below is a sample of a family of 3 trying to renew. To the left is where the person’s name is and to the right is their date of birth (blanked out for obvious reasons). Please click on the hand to the right of each person to renew their membership.

Do not select the Register New Member button above. Remembering that new family member requests must be submitted via the Google Form outlined in the previous step. 

Selecting the Correct Membership Option

Below is a sample of an adult membership option. You must choose the Athletics Ireland membership option (€20 adult, €15 for junior/juvenile) as well as the appropriate club membership option underneath.

Once you have selected your options for existing membership renewals, they will be combined and family discounts applied as sampled below.

Use Same Email for Athletics Ireland and Eventmaster

Please note that for the purpose of events and membership renewal, Athletics Ireland and Eventmaster are linked. You must use the same email for Eventmaster as you do for Athletics Ireland. 

In some cases, you may need to clear your cache to ensure auto-login does not occur. You may wish to use a new web browser or perhaps use incognito mode or similar for your browser.

You may also need register a new Eventmaster account for this purpose. Please do so.

Declined Applications – Don’t Worry

In some cases we will need to decline an application. This is likely down to a current member using a different email to their existing Athletics Ireland email. 

Please bear with us if this happens, we will be in touch.

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