Blackrock A.C. Under-11s Lockdown Challenge

Blackrock A.C. Under-11s Lockdown Challenge

Over the last number of weeks, the keen and now very fit Blackrock A.C. under-11s group (born 2011) participated in a highly successful lockdown challenge.

The challenge required all 32 athletes to do a minimum of two short training sessions per week. They were a mix of simple warm-up drills, sprint drills and middle-distance running. There was an impressive 100% participation rate each week. As the team rivalry gathered pace some athletes were out training every single day to score the maximum points for their team! Quite a notable achievement, given that many had to train on their own.

While the promise of Teddy’s Ice cream vouchers certainly got everyone out of the blocks quickly, the team element kept things very competitive throughout. Special mention to Tadhg who got out every single day for 5 weeks! We also had some members join our group in January. Despite having never actually trained with us, they were consistent contributors for their team scores including Evelyn, Fabio and Sadhbh.

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The event itself was nip and tuck between the boys on team 7 and the girls on team 2, with the girls just squeaking it by scoring maximum points in the final two weeks to protect their lead.

Blackrock A.C. funds have taken a dent as a result of the multiple prizes of Lifetsyle Sports and the ice cream vouchers having to be handed out. Well done everyone and great to be returning to training in such good shape, hopefully in the near future.

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