Blackrock A.C. Donations Helping in Ukraine

Blackrock A.C. Donations Helping in Ukraine

Ukrainian national and Blackrock A.C. man Igor Pashchenko and his wife Olga have been busy since the invasion of Ukraine at the end of February. Throughout this time they have been busy raising funds, collecting items and delivering where needed on the ground in their home country. Furthermore, they are housing and assisting those seeking housing in Ireland. Although this episode continues to cast a dark shadow over our hearts and minds, it was a small sense of joy to see the donations made in recent campaigns for Ukraine making a difference on the ground.

As well as sending resources to Ukraine, children who have recently arrived in Ireland are in need of other essentials too. Below is a personal note from Igor and Olga. Blackrock A.C. would like to thank you for your understanding and support during these difficult times.

Below is a photo, more of which can be found on our social media channels.

Blackrock A.C. Supporting Ukraine

Dear Blackrock AC Community,

We continue collecting humanitarian aid for Ukraine 🇺🇦 and have sent a second van today. Thanks to all of you who have contributed so far! Now that we have free space again, we will continue to collect for a third load. 🙏

If you would like to support, below is the updated list of items:

  • Tinned fish
  • Pasta/grains/rice
  • Instant soup
  • Nuts/ Nut butters
  • Snacks/crackers/protein bars/sweets/dried fruit
  • Coffee/tea
  • First aid kits
  • Painkillers for adults & kids (paracetamol/ibuprofen)
  • Zirtek or alternative antihistamines
  • Sleeping bags & mats
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Nappies
  • Vitamin Tablets (Adults + Children)

Additional items such as bicycles and scooters for helping children in Ireland commute to school are also welcome.

We’ve also accepted cash and Revolut transfers to cover part of the transportation costs. If you’d like to help, my Revolut is (linked to my phone 0857277993)


Our home address is:

🏡  19 Fairway Drive, Cualanor, A96F6FX 🏡 (you will see a large flag of Ukraine 🇺🇦  in our window). Feel free to leave at the door if we’re not at home.

Please reach out if you have questions: Igor at 0857277993 or Olga at 0838509433.

📣  Thanks for helping spread the word in your communities 📣

Kindest regards 🙏

Olga & Igor Pashchenko 💙💛

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