Child Supervision Policy and Travel and Away Trips Policy

Child Supervision Policy and Travel and Away Trips Policy

The club has put in place, several measures to ensure there is adequate adult supervision of young adults and children in their care. The club training sessions take place in Carysfort Park, St Andrew’s College and from time-to-time other venues such as Abbottstown Sports Campus.


It is club policy that parents or an adult responsible for their child should be present at training sessions / competitions if their child is under 10 years of age.

Carysfort Park is an open public park not enclosed and can be accessed by any member of the public.

The club is responsible only for club activities.  Parents/Guardians must ensure they are familiar with the start and finish time of your child’s training sessions or competition and ensure that they are dropped off and collected on time.

The policy of the club is to aim to have a 2: 16 coach to athlete ratio for U10 years and 2: 20 for older athletes during training sessions.

Good Practice dictates that there should always be more than one adult present during training sessions.

The Club aspires to have at least one adult of each gender present during training sessions.

Athletes are assigned to their relevant age group training session, and supervised, during training sessions.

Coaches / volunteers should have a list of registered athletes attending training and ensure all athletes remain in their group

Coaches should not lose visual contact with athletes in a training session or allow athletes to stray from the training group.

A child who requires a bathroom break should not be allowed go alone. They should be accompanied by a friend or parent.

Children should not be alone in the clubhouse with an adult other than a parent/guardian.

Coaches should not be left alone with young people at the end of a training session. Clearly state times for start and finish of training and/ or competitions. If late collections occur coaches should remain in pairs until participants have left. It is the responsibility of parents/ guardians to make arrangements for collection of young people.

If a child suffers an injury or accident the parents/guardians should be informed.


Blackrock Athletic Club

Travel and Away Trips Policy


Coaches and volunteers have the same responsibility to the athletes under their charge during away trips as they do in their home club.

Coaches/officials should supervise in pairs seek assistance from parent volunteers.

There is extra responsibility on the volunteers and coaches when they transport athletes to competitions and other away events.


  • They must ensure they have adequate insurance on their vehicle and follow the rules of the road including the legal use of car seats and seatbelts.
  • Ensure they do not carry more than the permitted number of passengers.
  • Avoid being alone with one passenger.
  • Have central drop off locations.
  • Seek parental permission when transporting a child.
  • Parents and Guardians should be able to contact athletes and coaches during away trips.

Blackrock Athletic Club do not arrange overnight away trips. If an overnight away trip is planned by the Club then the ‘Athletics Ireland, ‘Child_Safeguarding_checklist_for_championships_and_traveling_AAI’ will apply. See Athletics Ireland Website or contact Child Welfare at Athletics Ireland

Phone: 01-8869932 / 086 2450134

Email: /


Policy and guidelines for Athletes attending away training and competitions.

Arrive on time and prepared for training / competition.

Wear Club singlet and bring spikes.

Check in with your coaches/supervisors at your indicated meeting point.

Collect your competition number (if applicable), pin it to your singlet and do not remove until the competition is completed.

Remain with your allocated group.

Do not leave your group without communicating to your group coaches or supervisors.

If a bathroom break is required bring a friend and inform your coach or supervisor.

Enjoy the competition and have fun.

Competitions are about taking a challenge, learning sportsmanship, and supporting your fellow athletes.