Juveniles General club Rules


The Blackrock A.C. Juvenile Club is made up of the ‘Academy training group’ for juveniles aged 6 & 7 and the Club Juvenile Section for juveniles aged 8 to 18. The membership year runs from 1 January to 31 December. The annual membership fee is inclusive of the Athletics Ireland registration fees. The Club has a waiting list for juvenile members. To join the waitlist complete the link on the blackrockac.ie under the membership tab



Athletes should attend training in clothes suitable for running.  As per Athletics Ireland rules any athletes competing for the club in official competitions must wear a club singlet. These can be purchased from the clubhouse. Please ensure these, and any other clothing items are labelled with the athlete’s name. For safety reasons high viz vests are required at winter training. Spikes are beneficial in Carysfort Park in the Winter season. The club operates a swop spikes system in the clubhouse.


Training Times

Please see the website for your childs training times and venue. Blackrock Athletic Club trains in two venues. Carysfort Park and St Andrews College. At the end of March all St Andrews Thursday training reverts to Carysfort Park.


Supervision and Collection

All coaches give their time voluntarily so it is important that training times do not over run. To avoid disruption to the training, which is usually 1 hour long, we ask all athletes to go to the toilet and not to eat immediately before training. All athletes should attend and be ready for training 10 minutes in advance of training times. Parents must collect their children on time. All collections are from the clubhouse or in the grounds of St Andrews and not from a waiting car on the roadside.

Athletes up to 10 years of age must have a responsible adult in attendance at all times at all training sessions and events.



All athletes should bring their own water to training-no fizzy/high energy drinks are allowed. Please ensure water bottles are clearly labelled.


Code of Conduct

Club Codes of Conduct exist to ensure all children are safe, enjoy the training sessions, and respect is shown to all athletes and coaches. If a child is not behaving and is disruptive at the training sessions we have the following processes in place:

First incident: Verbal warning.

Second incident: Recording by the Club Children’s Officer who gives a second warning.

Further incidents: Follow up with the child’s parents by the Childrens’ Officer and the child’s membership may be suspended or revoked.

Juveniles General Club Rules


Photos of athletes taken by club officials and coaches during events may be used in accordance with the club’s ‘Photography and use of Images Policy’. For details of this policy please see the website. We request that parents refrain from taking photos and videos of other people’s children and uploading them on to social media.

Please note these “Juvenile General Club Rules” should be read in conjunction with the Club Codes of Conduct for Parents, Coaches, and Juveniles. See the noticeboard or website for details.

We hope all athletes have a long and happy association with the Club, making many new friends while developing a lifelong love of athletics.