League 3 Summary (Provisional results)

Well done to all of those who competed in Tallaght at League 3 on Sunday last. we had some great performances from newest recruit Jordan Mynes (1st 400/1500), Denis Gilevskiy (1st 600m), Ciaran Patchell (1st Javelin), Doug Walshe (2nd Javelin) and Sean O’Riagain (3rd 600m)…We also had great performances in the Under 11 Turbo Javelin with Daniel Schwer coming first and Jack Fairmaner coming 4th. (Both athletes are on a roll with Jack coming third in League 1 and Daniel first/ Jack third in League 2). Keep it going!!.

Other notable performances from Jack Moraghan, Simone Townes and Isabel O’Brien.

**Please send in additional results **