Links with the past

Links with the Past 

Following the formation of Blackrock Athletic Club a number of patrons came on board to help out with the running costs.  Their sole concern was to assist with the development of sporting outlets for the young people of the area.  

In this regard they never sought any publicity for their good deeds.  One such person was Joe Allen of Mount Merrion Avenue, Blackrock.  I am sure that this generous benefactor could never have foreseen that nearly 70 years later the club would be catering for the sporting interests of two of his great grandsons, namely Cianan and Lorcan Martin.  Whoever coined the phrase “it is a long road that has no turning” was not far of the mark.


Some people say that sporting ability runs in the genes, while others disagree with that theory and say that it is developed through children being encouraged to participate in sport at an early age. Sean Kinsella, who recently won an All-Ireland gold medal with Dublin in cross-country, ticks both boxes.  His mother Patricia competed at under age level for the club and won a Dublin long jump championship medal while his father, Robbie, is deeply involved in hurling.  In addition Sean’s grandfather, Paddy Duggan, did trojan work for the club over a long number of years.