‘Blackrock Sandpit’ is a Long Jump Once More

‘Blackrock Sandpit’ is a Long Jump Once More

The sun is out, the grass in the park is cut and the long jump is now no longer a sandpit. The long jump feature has been a fun part of the club for some time. With months of inactivity due to COVID-related lockdowns and restrictions, the long jump became a sandpit for the locals. Never one to miss an opportunity, Nuala spotted SAP Landscapes carrying out some work and politely approached.

It wasn’t long until work was being carried out on the all-important long jump facility behind the Blackrock A.C clubhouse.

“We started with shovels and got stuck in. Thanks to Colin, Ruth, Nuala, Esme, Dave and Mark for the initial shovelling. Then the heavy lifting was required”, says Nuala. This is when SAP members really made a difference and helped speed up what would have otherwise been a long job to complete.

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Blackrock A.C. Long Jump work

Blackrock A.C. would like to say a special thanks to SAP Landscapes workers Conor, Adrian and Keith who were very obliging when we spotted them planting trees with their digger in the park.

Blackrock A.C. Long Jump

Some coaches were aware of certain holes in Carysfort Park, which SAP addressed too. It’s all ready to go now. We just need restrictions lifted and we’ll be lifting off the ground too!

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