From Carysfort Park to Tokyo – Former Chairperson Peter Cosgrove Reflects on Sarah Healy’s Time With Blackrock A.C.

From Carysfort Park to Tokyo – Former Chairperson Peter Cosgrove Reflects on Sarah Healy’s Time With Blackrock A.C.

For us long in the tooth Blackrock Athletic Club members, we were nervously awaiting news about Irish Olympics qualifications and we were delighted to hear today that Sarah Healy has booked her ticket to Tokyo to compete in the 1500 metres. All of us in Blackrock Athletics are incredibly proud of her achievements having watched her compete from a young age. We all remember Sarah as a determined, resilient athlete but also a natural. From an early age, she put the club on the national stage with All Ireland wins in cross-country starting with a great race at under 12s at the Curragh.


As she rose in prominence from winning in Ireland to winning in Europe it was clear the fantastic part that she was playing as a role model for our younger athletes. On a personal level, she was always described as incredibly hard-working and committed but very humble and gracious whether she won, or on the odd occasion when she didn’t.


Sarah Healy U11 Finals Cross Country Championships

Running During Heavy Snow

I always recall the heavy snowfall from a few years back where all training had been cancelled but there I was walking through Carysfort Park with Sarah running laps with her coach Eoghan Marnell, demonstrating all the unseen work it takes to be this successful. She has always had a great family around her, with her older sister Julie also a Blackrock athlete and her parents incredibly supportive throughout her time and also ensuring she had still focused on school and on other sports.


We will all be watching on and wishing Sarah and all the Irish athletes the best. We hope she continues to inspire other athletes up and down the country. Even though we hope she continues to have great success in her University College Dublin singlet, we will always remember her fondly in the black and gold of Blackrock Athletic Club.


Written by Peter Cosgrove, Coach and subsequent Chairperson of Blackrock A.C. from 2009 to 2018.


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