PARENTS be vigilant

Child Safety:

While the nights get longer it can still be quite late for younger kids to be out, we would like all parents to be vigilant about the child’s safety.
As a club we try to manage all athletes but we cannot be responsible for any children once they leave the park, so we would ask you to come in and collect them. While we understand many kids do walk home please be aware there are always risks with this as no community is without unsavoury characters and we would ask that you talk with your children and ensure they understand how they can best take care of themselves if walking home. We would suggest if you do want your child to walk home that they are with another athlete, but our preference is that they are collected. Please note that Kilmacud Crokes have reported an abduction attempt in the last few days.

Please remain Vigilant at all times.

Peter Cosgrove, Child Protection Office