Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

Blackrock Athletic Club is fully committed to ensuring that young athletes in the Club are safeguarded in their participation in athletics. Early experiences of young athletes in our sport need to be positive and enjoyable.  We follow best practices in Child Welfare and fully adhere to Athletics Ireland’s (‘AAI’) recommended processes in this area. The AAI material is available on the AAI website’s Child Welfare page which can be found here.

To maintain an open and transparent approach we have adopted the AAI’s Safeguarding Statement, Related Policies, Codes of Conduct and Guidelines as our own, in some places customised for our club. We have performed a Child Safeguarding Risk Assessment and adopted appropriate policies to address the child safety risks identified.

The Club Safeguarding Statement for Children and Code of ethics can be found on the website and the Club Noticeboard.

The Club has policies around Child Welfare, Coaching, Bullying and Codes of Conduct for all our members. We expect all members, parents, coaches, and volunteers to read the policies to understand and comply with the Club Rules. All participating children must sign up to the code of conduct. All members confirm that they know and understand these policies annually when they renew their membership. We rely on parents to ensure that all young athletes are made aware of the club rules. See policy documents below.

The child protection officers are:

Barry Thornton (DLP), Janice Kelly