Blackrock A.C. Run For Ukraine

Blackrock A.C. Run For Ukraine

Blackrock A.C. has been appalled by the recent events and developing war in Ukraine. The fighting is forcing over 2 million people to flee their homes and help is needed.

Like many sports clubs across Ireland and Europe, Blackrock A.C. features some prominent members from Ukraine.

Men’s member Igor Pashchenko is doing incredible work on many fronts. One of which is hosting 7 Ukrainians in his home who have fled the war. Igor is the trustee of a charity which is currently being registered, Moral Fiber, that has been set up by a friend of his to raise much-needed funds. 

As they have links to people on the ground they know exactly what is needed and all funds go directly there.

A Message from Igor

Blackrock A.C. is aiming to raise funds for this charity given Igor’s involvement. We caught up with Igor over the weekend who had this to say.

“On February 24 Russia started a war in Ukraine. Russian troops target hospitals, schools and civil areas forcing people to flee in desperate search of a safe haven. Over 2 million Ukrainians have fled the country in just 10 days.

I have just had a call with my sister and she’s decided to head towards Western Ukraine with her 12-year-old son Vova and 8-year-old daughter Milana. Their father volunteered to join the Ukrainian army in 2014 when the war started in Eastern Ukraine and has been defending the country ever since. He is staying to defend our hometown where my parents decided to stay till the end.

Many people can’t leave their homes, are hiding from airstrikes in the metro, basements or under bridges. There’s an acute need for humanitarian aid for Ukraine – from medical supplies to food and clothing. We have already purchased several batches of medical supplies for Ukraine and coordinated lorries with humanitarian aid. We’re currently fundraising to purchase medical supplies for a regional hospital outside of Kyiv and to procure food, water and humanitarian aid for the people of Ukraine.”

Run For Ukraine

Blackrock A.C. Carysfort to Kyiv

This weekend, Friday 11th – Sunday 13th March, Blackrock A.C. members and friends will take on the task of running the combined distance of Carysfort Park to Kyiv, some 3,024km. We also encourage members to wear yellow and blue, in line with the Ukrainian colours.

This can be done in one or more runs you may do over the weekend. 

Log Your Distance

The combined distance will be measured by men’s captain Rob Asher who has kindly set up our tracking (Google) form. Please enter your distance here and try get a nice photo too! 

Donations Please!

You can donate in one of two ways to the cause. The most straightforward way is to head over to the GoFundMe pages that we have set up. One is sending donations to Irish Red Cross while the second is sending directly to Moral Fiber.

Alternatively, you can make a transfer directly to Moral Fiber’s account, details are below. This may take you a little more time but there are fewer fees involved.

Beneficiary: Moral Fiber

Beneficiary address: Eustace Court, Cualanor, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland, A96E1EC

Sort Code: 933406
Account Number: 53576056
IBAN: IE74AIBK93340653576056 BIC: AIBKIE2D

Bank address: George’s Street Upper, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, A96 DT85

Thank You!

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