Why Join Blackrock A.C. in 2021?

Why Join Blackrock A.C. in 2021?

A Local Running Club

Blackrock A.C. membership runs for the calendar year. You could argue there’s no better time to join a local running club than now to get the best ‘bang for your buck’. Although we welcome adult members joining us at any time across the year.

It’s perhaps a tougher sell than usual right now, in the midst of another COVID level 5 lockdown. Currently, we are unable to train or race together, which are the most obvious benefits of joining. However, these restrictions will pass. As an outdoor, non-contact sport which can be done in small groups, we are well placed to return quickly, as we did at various points in 2020.

We Are Inclusive

Our club is very inclusive, friendly and we cater to a wide range of running abilities. Do you want to improve your running and achieve some new goals? We can help you. Or perhaps you want to experience the fun and competitiveness of racing? You can do it with us. If you just want company for your runs, there’s a place for you here. If you want all three… perfect! In any case, you will join a sociable, thriving and growing community.

Personally, I joined the club in 2016. I found that running in a group has had a massive positive impact on my running performance as well as my physical and mental health generally. It’s wonderful being a part of this community, *especially* during the strict lockdown periods. We have shared our individual running experiences via Strava, WhatsApp, Zoom calls and a multitude of “virtual” races and time trials while we await the chance to run together again. One day soon I look forward to donning my Blackrock A.C. singlet once again at a race somewhere with my friends.

Find Out More

If you’re interested in giving us a try now or later on in 2021, do get in touch to find out more. If you would like more info first, head over to our membership area to learn more.

Rob Asher, Blackrock A.C. Men’s Captain