No Better Time to Start – 10 Great Benefits of Running for Teens

No Better Time to Start – 10 Great Benefits of Running for Teens

As a busy teenager, you are likely juggling the demands of your family, teachers, perhaps some coaches, work and even friends. This can leave you with little time to focus on your own health and wellbeing. Don’t worry if you think you don’t have the time or energy for running, it’s a normal thought for many. As such the thought of the benefits of running for teens is perhaps somewhat distant.

During your teenage years, maintaining your physical and mental health will help you establish healthy habits and lead to you finding success in other areas of life. Even if you have never ran before, after a few sessions on your own or with a club, you will very likely realise how amazing running can be.

Running is a great sport in its own right and is a great way of getting fit for other sports. It can also be great for teens who may lack a bit of confidence when it comes to team sports.

Below, we cover some of the key benefits of running for teens that you can expect to experience by taking it up.


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1. Less Stress

Regular running will give you the benefit of reduced stress and anxiety. If you are feeling stressed by friend drama, challenging school deadlines or a family argument, try stepping outside for a 15 – 30 minute jog! You’ll be surprised how running even just for a few minutes can clear your head and relieve stress.

2. Better Sleep

Most of us will have stayed up late to watch (even binge-watch!!) a favourite show and experienced some level of insomnia by the time we hit our teens. Start running regularly and you will find yourself falling into a healthier sleep routine. Running will help you sleep deeper, longer and consequently you will experience some well-rested results in other areas too.

3. Healthier Skin

Running regularly can help you maintain your youthful glow past your teenage years. In fact, running can help delay signs of aging for many years to come! Try pairing your running with a healthy diet and stay fresh for your nice photos!

4. New Friends

Running is a great way to make new friends. By joining a running club or other local running groups, you will start looking forward to running as both a physical and social event. The added bonus of a running group is accountability. You are less likely to miss a session if you know your friends are expecting you, which leads to great results as you push each other to the limit and enjoy your run.

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5. Less Negativity

Approach your run with a positive mindset. By doing this, your upbeat attitude can grow massively in other areas. By releasing stress, zoning out and focusing on your own health during a run will help you better approach any situation in life with more positivity and confidence. Worried you won’t pass your mocks? Thinking about an ex? Hit the road for a run (to the beat of your favorite tunes) and see how your perspective can change!

6. Boosted Energy Levels

You would think a tough run would leave you drained for the rest of the day but in fact, the opposite is usually the case. Running can provide you with a great energy boost! Next time you’re feeling tired, try fighting the fatigue and grogginess with a brisk jog and see for yourself. Some of you may disagree, but when done right and don’t try to push yourself too hard too soon, it really can make you feel brilliant.

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7. Grow Momentum

Whether you are looking to boost your stamina for other areas of sport or look good for your debs, running can help you achieve this. A solid running routine will help you reach your physical goals and the mental benefits will help gain momentum toward academic, emotional and personal goals.

8. Academic Boost

Exercise is often associated with improved academic performance. Imagine running in your local park leading to higher marks on your next exam! Over time, you can boost brain health, confidence, and your ability to focus in class with regular running. Ask Sarah Healy if you don’t believe me!!

9. Stronger Self-Confidence

Regular running can help boost your self-confidence and give you the courage you need to nail your next class presentation or perhaps ask your crush out. Discover new levels of confidence by setting yourself targets and trying new distances!

10. Live a Healthy Life

You only live once, so why not make this life your best one? The undeniable physical and mental health benefits of running can set you up for a future of success. Establishing healthy habits while you are young will help you tackle upcoming life decisions around college, work, and relationships with a healthy mind and body. Even if you are new to running, there is no better time to start than your teen years! Go out and expierience some of the benefits of running for teens.

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