Exciting New Public Amenity Concept – Blackrock Seafront Plaza

Exciting New Public Amenity Concept – Blackrock Seafront Plaza

A seafront plaza has been proposed for Blackrock under a plan developed within the local community. As this is a community-led initiative, you are invited to give your feedback.

Current Status

The recent rejuvenation of the Village, with the introduction of a new one-way system on Main St. and
the opening of more public realm space has already delivered significant benefits to our Village for all
of the community – traders, residents and visitors. The new configuration, together with the increased
interest in the seafront area gives an idea of the additional potential that exists for our Village. A great
example here is how the area beside Blackrock DART station could potentially be an amazing civic
space and public amenity for the Village. However, today this space is only used as a bus terminus
and a car park (see picture below).

A Concept for a New Civic Space

A group of community volunteers (Blackrock Village Rejuvenation Action Group), together with the
Blackrock Business Network have been exploring ideas on how to best enhance the public area
beside the DART station (Bath Place). As a result of this work, we would like to share a concept for an
exciting new public amenity and civic space at Blackrock Seafront. This concept design is a community-led initiative across resident and trader groups and shows the amazing potential that exists for our
Village at this location.

Blackrock Seafront Plaza (Summary Overview)

Blackrock Seafront Plaza

The concept envisions a raised Seafront Plaza over the publicly owned area that is currently used as a
car park and bus terminus. This new plaza would establish a civic space looking out to Dublin Bay and
would connect the Village to Blackrock seafront & beach. It would also provide a mobility interchange
connecting the Village, the DART, the Coastal Mobility cycle route and any future S2S cycle and
pedestrian routes. In addition, Blackrock Seafront Plaza would provide underground parking for
approx 100 cars and approx 200 bicycles, including a new secure bicycle parking area.
A summary of the concept and an artist’s impression of what this might look like:
(Note: to see more detail, particularly on your mobile phone, we recommend zooming into the picture below)
A New Public Amenity in Blackrock, increasing the “Livability” of our Village

  • The creation of a new public plaza & civic space for Blackrock Village and the whole community
  • A shared space with views of Dublin Bay, improved connectivity and access to Blackrock Beach
  • A public space connecting the Village retail core, the seafront and Blackrock Park
  • Investment in Blackrock’s attractiveness as a destination for the community and for visitors
  • Mobility Interchange with access for all
  • Two-story underground parking with approx 100 car park spaces and approx 200+ bicycle parking
    spaces, including secure bicycle parking.
  • DART station access & drop off at the same location as currently used eg. for Taxis, mobility access etc.
  • Seafront Plaza and Village linked to Coastal Mobility Route and any potential future S2S cycle & pedestrian route
  • Improved access to Blackrock Beach for all, including buggy/pram and wheelchair access etc.

Due to the different levels that already exist at Bath Place, Blackrock Seafront Plaza is economically
realistic and very feasible. The concept also delivers on many of the Council adopted policies and
objectives for Blackrock Village contained within the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council
Blackrock Local Area Plan (2015-2025). Blackrock Seafront Plaza would enhance the livability of our
village and further enable active transport for the enjoyment of both current and future generations.


Working Together to Make it Happen

A lot of thought has gone into the development of this concept with close attention to balancing the
needs and interests of different stakeholders. We want to emphasize that this is only an initial
concept that shows what is still possible for our Village at this unique location. A concept and project
like this can only be realised if we as a community come together and work closely with the relevant
authorities and key stakeholders to make it happen.

So, if you are excited about and supportive of this concept please be sure to let them know by filling out this form.

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