Fit4life update 30th November (submitted by Gerry Flaherty)

October & November 2014 update – A Marathon Effort by Fit4Life!

October and November were busy months for Blackrock A.C. Fit4Life with four members completing the Dublin City Marathon, 12 members completing the Run in the Dark 10km, 2 completing the Clontarf Half marathon and many completing 5km and 10km runs and achieving personal bests.

On October 27th, four runners completed the Dublin City Marathon as follow; Gerry Flaherty 3-22-48, Catherine Galvin 3-59-05, Des Fitzgerald 4-07-20, Dervla Batt 4-57-03. Great running by all on a difficult day for running due to wind and hills with Dervla Batt overcoming injury to compete her first marathon and Catherine amazingly having completed the Wales Ironman Triathlon on September 14th in 15hour 3min 25secs, the first Blackrock A.C member to complete an Ironman.

The following are the results over the two months

November 29th Clontarf Half Marathon Patricia Forde 1-57-35 (pb), Lynda Costelloe 2-15-55

November 29th Tymon 5km Parkrun Fiona Murphy 27-33 (Tymon pb)

November 29th Run the Line 13km Leonie Lawler

November 22nd Marlay 5km Parkrun Michael Carty 18-45 (Marlay pb), Fiona Murphy 26-15, Lynda Costelloe 29-02

November 22ndBHAA Irish Life 6km CC race Gerry Flaherty 25-36, Helen Hennessy 33-40, Jennifer Lee 34-29

November 15th Movember 10km – Michael Woods 55-54 (1st 10km ever)

November 15th Marlay 5km Parkrun Lynda Costelloe 26-40, Joe Byrne 28-49

November 12th Run in the Dark 10km – Matt Harrison 46-50 (pb), Dominque Brindley 49-19 (pb), Patricia Forde 49-23 (pb), Jackie Deane 52-24 (pb), Lynda Costello 54-31, Ornagh Burke 54-38 (pb), Ciara O’Shea 56-25 (pb), Joe Byrne 56-04 (pb), Fiona Murphy 57-53, Maribé Fallon 58-24, Penny Prendergast 60-39 (pb), Claire McGoldrick (pb), Leonie Lawler 61-60 (pb),

November 8th Marlay 5km Parkrun Matt Harrison 23-18, Emily Foynes 25-45 (pb), Fiona Murphy 27-23, Lynda Costelloe 28-49

November 8 – BHAA BOI 4mile CC race Gerry Flaherty 26-36 (2nd Team Grade A)

November 1st  Marlay 5km Parkrun Patricia Forde 23-53 (pb), Emily Foynes 26-19, Fiona Murphy 26-24, Carmel Brennan 27-53 (pb), Jennifer Connolly 32-37,

October 25th  Marlay 5km Parkrun Patricia Forde 24-28, Dee Carlin 26-13 (pb), Fiona Murphy 26-41, Jackie Deane 27-12 (pb), Emer Kelly 27-22 (pb), Lynda Costelloe 27-42, Lynne Walsh 28-45, Ciara O’Dwyer 29-52, Penny Prendergast 30-00 (pb)

October 18st Marlay 5km Parkrun Dee Carlin 26-52 (pb), Fiona Murphy 27-36

October 11st Marlay 5km Parkrun Fiona Murphy 26-30,

October 5thDublin Novice Cross County (Phoenix Park) – Ladies 4km Patricia Forde 4km 19-44 and Men’s  6km Gerry Flaherty 28-34

October 4th Marlay 5km Parkrun Lynda Costelloe 26-19, Fiona Murphy 26-30, Ciara O’Dwyer 29-40

Training continues Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm (also in Benildus College) and Sunday at 10.30am (times may vary on Sunday) and all abilities are catered for from total beginners to those who are training for half marathons or longer.

Gerry Flaherty 0872331346 (