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League 3 Summary (Provisional results)

Well done to all of those who competed in Tallaght at League 3 on Sunday last. we had some great performances from newest recruit Jordan Mynes (1st 400/1500), Denis Gilevskiy (1st 600m), Ciaran Patchell (1st Javelin), Doug Walshe (2nd Javelin) and Sean O’Riagain (3rd 600m)…We also had great performances in┬áthe Under 11 Turbo Javelin with Daniel Schwer coming first and Jack Fairmaner coming 4th. (Both athletes are on a roll with Jack coming third in League 1 and Daniel first/ Jack third in League 2). Keep it going!!.

Other notable performances from Jack Moraghan, Simone Townes and Isabel O’Brien.

**Please send in additional results **