T&F Junior League 2 update

T&F Junior League 2 update

Well done to all those athletes who competed in the second League event at Tallaght last weekend. Once again we had some very good performances and the club has now accumulated a total of 148 points over the first 2 league events.

All Photos from League 2

Girls Track & Field
U/10 3rd 13pts Emma O’Brien (League 1 – 1st 60m, 6th 300m; League 2 – 4th 500m, 5th Ball Throw)
U/10 6th 9pts Laura Gallagher (League 1 – 4th 60m, 5th 300m; League 2 – 3rd 500m)
U/11 6th 10pts Ellen Cheung (League 1 – 3rd 400m, 4th 60m; League 2 – 4th 600m)
U/11 10th 4pts Kristina O’Connor (League 1 – 3rd 60m)
U/12 3rd 16pts Sarah Healy (League 1 – 1st 500m, 5th 80m; League 2 – 1st 600m)
U/13 10th 7pts Robyn O’Brien (League 1 – 2nd 80m, 5th 80m Hurdles)
Boys Track & Field
U/11 3rd 18pts Evan Walshe (League 1 – 3rd 60m & 400m, 5th Ball Throw; League 2 – 2nd 600m, 4th Ball Throw)
U/11 5th 7pts Mark O’Brien (League 1 – 3rd Long Jump, 5th 400m, 6th 60m)
U/12 5th 16pts Jack Moraghan (League 1 – 2nd 60m & 500m; League 2 – 3rd 600m, 6th High Jump)
U/13 6th 10pts Andres Clarke (League 1 – 2nd Javelin, 6th Shot Putt; League 2 – 3rd Javelin)
U/13 10th 5pts Sean Kinsella (League 2 – 4th Long Jump, 5th 600m)
U/15 1st 33pts Tommy O’Brien (League 1 – 1st High Jump & 80m Hurdles and 3rd 100m; League 2 – 1st Shot Putt, 3rd 200m & 800m)



Juvenile T&F League 2 Results 2012