Blackrock Athletic Club was founded in 1944 and is home to one of the largest athletics clubs in Ireland. Unlike many of its contemporaries, which have either gone out of existence or been forced to amalgamate with other clubs, Blackrock Athletic Club has proudly withstood the rigours of time.

The club is based in Carysfort Park, Blackrock, Co. Dublin and caters for athletes at both junior and senior level.

All members are treated equally and a friendly atmosphere permeates right through the club – the club endeavours to encourage a spirit of fair play and sportsmanship at all times. The club motto is ‘the team should be like horses of the sun together and not as individuals‘. This was chosen by the scholarly Peadar Murphy from one of Beckford’s quotations.

The club crest was designed in 1948 by Dick Cahill, one of the early committee members. It represents the golden wings of the morning, which denotes speed, encircling the rising sun sending forth its golden rays – a symbol of youth and freshness.

The club colours date back to 1946: all black with the club crest and the singlet is embellished with gold stripes down the side.